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Cheese is our passion. The Cheese Artisans was born as a response to our desire to share our passion, and bring variety, depth and quality to the cheese scene in Singapore. We source our cheeses directly from traditional European farms that continue to defy mass production, developing high quality cheeses using traditional methods.

Since 2012, we have established ourselves as the go-to cheese supplier to premium hotels and restaurants. But with a growing fan base, we opened the doors to our first concept space in Bukit Timah in November 2016. It combines retail and dining, and is also a venue for cheese lovers in Singapore to come learn, sample and enjoy our unique artisanal cheeses



Great experiences engage all your senses.  Whether you are simply shopping, having a coffee, enjoying a simple cheese plate or participating in a full dining experience, we’ve designed our space to deliver on the promise of a memorable time. 

Inspired by fromageries in the iconic cities and country towns of Europe, we wanted to bring home a similar experience - one that engages our diners and customers in a way that is relevant and contemporary, yet bears all the hallmarks of a traditional fromagerie. We are proud to say that the store has attracted a lot of attention from consumers and the media including the highly rated British design and lifestyle magazine Monocle.
Ours is a space that is modern, state-of-the-art and housing traditional, artisanal products to be enjoyed in an intimate setting. Affinage takes place on site, in our purpose built ripening rooms. A first in Singapore, it enables us to offer our customers only cheeses that have reached optimal maturity, as well as create unique flavors not available elsewhere. 


With over 80 varieties of European artisanal cheeses - from Comte to our in-house aged Smokey Blue Yan Xun Wei with Chinese Tea Leaves - there will be something to suit every palette and every mood.  

About Us Our Royal Treatment



We primarily source from farms that have an artisanal aspect to their cheese making process and we look for award-winning cheeses.


We airfreight all our products and use trusted logistics providers to ensure our cold-chain remains unbroken.


Our team sample and approve all our cheeses. Freshness, quality and taste are non-negotaible to our team.


We have our own maturing rooms where the temperature is closely monitored and the cheeses are regularly rotated.