Top 3 Blue Cheeses For Those Who Hates Blue Cheese
Here's our picks for Blue Cheese Beginners!

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It is incredibly easy to spot blue cheese from a mile away. The aroma and gorgeous marbled veins are a couple of its distinct characteristics. Blue cheeses divides us into two. One will either love it or hate it.

The good news is, not all blue cheeses are pungent and strong. In fact, if you pick one of the following cheeses, you might just fall in love with it!

Why are some cheeses coated in ash?

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Coating cheese with ash is a traditional preservation method that has been used for centuries since the beginning of cheese making. Back in the day, the ash was collected from the burning of grapevine clippings. It  protects the cheese from  insects, microbes and mold spore from developing while also keeping the surface of the cheese dry.

Today, cheesemakers use ash from the burning of dried vegetables which is sterile, odourless and tasteless, safe for consumption. Ash coating adds to the aesthetic of the cheeses giving it a unique and striking appearance. On a platter, it is always a great idea to include at least one ash-coated cheese for the colour contrast from the typical light-coloured cheeses.

Here are some of our artisanal ash-coated cheeses.

Have you ever wondered why a typical Brie vs Brie de Meaux AOC are priced differently? 

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Many people believe that all cheeses such as Brie, Cheddar, Camembert and more, are similar regardless of the producers or its origin. That is totally false. Not all types of Brie, Cheddar and Camembert are of the same flavour and quality. Various methods have been used to produce cheeses over the years and each of them have their own secret recipe. Some producers continue to opt for the traditional methods - Artisanal Cheese, and many others choose modern methods - Commercial Cheese. 

Fresh, Soft, Washed, Hard & Blue

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Cheese comes in many types with well over 1,000 different varieties and of these each producer will have slight nuances that help their cheese stand apart from others. At The Cheese Artisans, we carry over 80 varieties of artisanal cheeses from across UK and Europe. There are 5 main styles of cheeses - Fresh, Soft, Washed Rind, Hard and Blue.