Commitment to Open and
Transparent Management of your Personal Information

1.  At The Cheese Artisans Pte Ltd (“The Cheese Artisans”) we are committed
to the open and transparent management "of your personal information in line
with our obligations under the privacy laws and to you as our valued customers.

2. To offer the goods and services we provide on our online site, we will need
to collect personal information.

3. Personal information is defined as information (whether true or not) that can
identify you in some way (whether this information is taken by itself or together
with other information which we have or are likely to have access to).

4. This policy sets out how we collect,  use and disclose personal information
including: how we collect and protect your information; how we use your
information; disclosure of information; our compliance with direct marketing and
spam laws; offshore disclosure of information; and how you can correct information
or complain about our use of your personal information.

5. More information on Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) can be
found at:

6. We will only collect information in accordance with applicable laws,
(including Singapore’s PDPA) and through fair means.